Why Professional Pension Services?

Img Experience
  • Ability to optimize plan designs to meet client objectives.
  • Design and administration of complex pension plans.
  • Thorough knowledge of regulations regarding qualified pension plans.
  • Pension plan sizes can range from a few participants to over a thousand.
  • Experience with correction of pension plans and negotiation with government agencies.

  • Ability to have assets invested in multiple financial institutions.
  • Your pension plan can have assets such as real estate, limited partnerships, and non-publicly traded stocks.
  • Custom reporting and pension plan participant statements.

  • Personal service instead of phone menus.
  • Full service approach of solving problems rather than "passing the buck."
  • Committed to accurate and timely reporting.
  • Effective marketing of new plans to encourage participation.
  • Participants can call and speak directly with the administrator.

Industry commitment
  • Current with pension and cafeteria regulations and proposed legislation.
  • Competitive rates and a simple pricing structure.
  • Pension and cafeteria administration is the specialty of the company.